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How Much Electricity Do LED Neon Signs Consume?

Do you love LED neon signs and wanna get one for your room? But wonder if the colorful lighting use much electricity or not? and how much do you pay for it compared to other lighting systems? NeonGrand will help you answer these questions in this post.

In recent years, specifically in the lighting industry, LED neon signs have wined popularity, notably for applications such as signage, border lighting, and outlines. While the letters "LED" denote a product with cost-effectiveness and ecologically friendliness, you may be asking how much energy LED neon signs save when compared to neon glass tubing and neon fluorescent products. So, how much electricity does a neon sign use, and how environmentally friendly are neon LED resolutions? In comparison to other lighting options, how much electricity does LED Neon lighting consume? How much money can you save if using LED Neon signs regarding electricity costs?

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Now let's see how much energy LED Neon Signs can save compared to the traditional neon ones.

LED Neon Is 80% More Efficient Than Traditional Neon

A typical LED neon sign consumes 150 watts of power. Fluorescent and neon glass, on the other hand, consume 610 watts and 400 watts of power, respectively. For the same type of lighting effect, this alone indicates a reduced power draw. The fluorescent model will require around 7,320 watts, 4,800 watts for the neon glass, and 1,800 watts for the LED neon light.

If all three types of illumination are used constantly over a 12-hour period, is it possible to utilize them once a year? About 2,672 KW for fluorescent lighting, 1,752 KW for glass tubing lighting, and 657 KW for LED neon lighting.

As you can see, LED neon signs are a more environmentally friendly option than glass neon lighting, requiring less than half the power of a glass neon fixture and less than four times the power of fluorescent light. And of course, you can save more money, make your living space more gorgeous and comfortable while  reducing carbon footprint by just LED neon signs. Proudly, you are a smart consumer!

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