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How Much Does A Bespoke LED Neon Sign Cost?

Have you ever wondered how much the price of a custom LED neon sign is? and why does it cost more expensive than the display neon sign on the website? This post will help you know more about that.

In the modern days, there are many more LED neon flex signs created with various purposes namely decoration for your room, office, bar; check-in and background for shooting million-like videos on Tiktok or Youtube. Each design or style brings a different feeling to audiences some serenity, attractiveness and uniqueness. We believe that you will be satisfied a lot to invest a customized LED neon sign for your office or living space. So, let's explore the cost of having a bespoke neon sign and see whether it is worthy to spend an amount of budget.
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Why is the LED neon sign worthy buying?

After realizing the disadvantages of the traditional glass tubing neon sign, the LED neon flex sign is created as a result of the innovation from the old version. Of course, it is a great choice for you presently. The cost of the LED neon sign has been decreasing considerably thanks to the change of material, weight and installation time. That's very good news for you to hear, right? Now, let's see the outstanding benefits of the LED sign compared with the glass one.
  • Be produced by modern LED technology, the brightness of the sign looks brighter and has a stable luminous effect.
  • Not be harmful to your eyes and health.
  • Have more specifically aesthetic effects to make your space more gentle, eye-catching and inspiriting.
  • Be more durable with about 3 times longer lifespan than traditional glass neon signs.
  • Take only several minutes to install the neon sign.
  • Save energy and state transformers are incredibly energy efficient compared to traditional Neon.

How to estimate the cost of a LED neon sign?

The average cost of our product is about from $38.5 for one word. And it will be adjusted accordingly at a fraction depending on these factors as follows.
  • Dimensions - It's so inevitable to realize. That is a result of the increase in material and labor for assembly used in crafting process. So, NeonGrand recommends you should calculate the suitable size for your space before placing an order. If you want any advice on the size, please kindly feel free to contact us here.
  • Complexity of Font style or Design - A intricate design will require longer lengths of the LED than a basic one, which means the cost will be more expensive a little bit. Please do not worry. Our team will try to find the best way to optimize the cost as less as possible for you.
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Don't hesitate to choose your favorite LED neon signs displayed on our website or make your own neon sign by following the steps here. Any questions about the LED neon signs, please just let us know. We are always here to support you.

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