Witch Room Decor

Witch Room Decor: Brilliant Ideas To Turn Your Home Into A Magical Space

This article is especially for whom is looking for some ideas to create a magical and witchy space.

Your home is your favorite box where you can hide from the world outside, like a special sanctuary. It is your own space for solace, healing, and intimacy. Therefore, why not also make it magical? Simply add a pop of color to your room, bring a little magic or turn it into a witch aesthetic room! Here are some of NeonGrand newest decoration ideas for witch room decor that practically anyone may use!

How to create your magical room?

Let's make a protection for your witch aesthetic room decor! The very first thing we have to think about when creating a witch themed decor is spiritual protection. Our home always keeps us safe from the outer world. So it can't be transformed into a magical place if you have never energetically cleansed it. Once a month, preferably on the new or waning moon, or whenever you feel the need, you should repeat this. Cleanse your home after a sickness, a fight, or a ghostly visitation. Cleansing has an important meaning and it is one of the most effective ways to remove all negative energy and make a happy space to welcome positive energy.

Then, time for witch room decor!

When you think about a witchy room aesthetic, it could be a wooden home, a cabin in the forest or something like that. But it doesn't mean your city home or your apartment can't have that look. We're here to talk to you about things that help to create special and unique witchy touches into your space.


The symbol of spirit- candles will make your home full of dim light which surely delivers a magical and witchy vibe. So easy, right? Just many candles and you can't go wrong with them. Another suggestion is that you can totally use scented candles to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in your own witchy room.
Witch Room Decor: candles

Witch Room Decor: Skull

With the representation of death, the image of skull will evoke the power of witch energy and surely bring your space an honor vibe. Not only a simple witch room aesthetic decor, skull is also a perfect choice for the coming Halloween. This is the one to go for!

Halloween Neon Sign Magic Hat Skull Led Light purple

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Skull Neon Sign Red
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Dreamcatchers & Suncatchers

You should have at least one dreamcatcher or suncatcher in your bedroom to hang above your window. They are great witch aesthetic room decor that not only increases magical power, brings good energy, and catches sunlight but also helps you get rid of bad dreams. Dreamcatcher or Suncatcher could be a great and meaningful gift for your loved one.
dreamcatchers for Witch Room Decor

Embrace the power of Crystals and Stones

Crystals and Stones, for centuries, are believed to have spiritual power that helps you heal. And they are wonderful pieces for witch room decor thanks to the variety of styles: Rose quartz (About love), Amethyst ( for health), Obsidian (for protection), Moonstone (for inner strength and growth)... Power of crystals and stones will remove the bad energy, enhance your power inside and bring you luck.
Power of Crystals and Stones

Witch Room Decor: Witchy Lights

Last but not least, lights play an important role in creating a moody vibe and complete a unique witch room decor. The best choice will be warm or dark lighting that makes the ambiance. However, you should avoid bright lights such as white because they absolutely ruin the mood. The right light will make your witchy room become more powerful than ever! A witch hat neon sign with stunning light and dark vibe is a wonderful choice for witchy wall decor for your home.
Neon Halloween Sign Magic Witch Hat Led Light red
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So that you have it! So easy to set up a witch room decor and make it uniquely yours! If you have any more interesting ideas about your unique witchy home decor style, just feel free to share with us!

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