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Brilliant Ideas To Throw Your Neon Party

You are a host of an event and wanna something a wide range of colors and lights. An epic neon glow party will be a perfect option for you to consider. But you don't know how to celebrate your Neon Party, NeonGrand is here to offer you some suggested brilliant ideas about food, beverages, decorations and ton-sur-ton neon party outfits for both adults and children to transform your party venue into a feast for the eyes. Let's explore now!!!

A neon glow party is a vibrantly colored party theme in which neon colors, decorations, and clothing are employed, all of which glow brightly beneath UV black lights, providing an eye-catching spectacle for partygoers. A glow in the dark party is another name for a neon party. These two themes are usually the same, but we have discovered that neon colors flash brighter under black lighting, which is where the neon party got its name. Of course, you may have a glow in the dark or neon party without employing black lights, but the visual effect will be much reduced. A neon party theme is incredibly popular at any age.

Step 1: Set-up

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First of all, you need to find a dark space in your home without any white light shining or create one by using the black builders plastic to cover windows and doorway. If you wanna a neon glow party outside, do not worry, we still have some suggestions for you. Let's come to the supermarket or somewhere to buy black plastic and fluorescent paint. Think about the neon theme party or some icons like spots that you intend to add onto the black plastic and then spray them on it. That will surely look so awesome and glow.

Step 2: Decoration

The most important factor to make a neon glow party is UV light from LED black lights placed on each wall allowing people, things, and decorations to shine from all sides. It's super easy to stick these black lights with some adhesive. Other blacklight kinds, such as black light bulbs or fluorescent tubes, are less powerful, energy-efficient, and have a shorter lifespan than LED black lights. The LED black lights are re-usable and may be stored in a tiny box as not in use. To glow your neon party space, decoration sets such as words banner (Let's Glow, let's party, happy birthday), neon round dot or stars streamers, and balloons adhered to any dry surface will be an awesome idea for you and surely be loved at any neon theme party or luminous party. These luminous party items appear dazzling in the day, but they will glow in the dark and in the dreamy light, giving your party a stunning neon effect. The Let’s Party Neon Sign Led Light will be so perfect to create a charming and gorgeous vibe for your amazing party.

Let's glow neon party

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Let's Party neon party

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balloon neon party

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Step 3: Neon Party Outfits Selection

Prior to your decision on what to put on for a glow-in-the-dark party, you must be clear about the type of party the host is throwing. It can be apparel with built-in glow-in-the-dark designs or accessories namely hat, belt, tie, shirt, pants in fluorescent colors and wrap connected glow sticks around your body like arms, legs or head. Under black light, fluorescent paints look incredible, so don't forget to have your face and body painted with neon paints.

suppliers neon party

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sticks neon party

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Step 4: Games

How terrible if there were no games at the neon party!!! So why don't make a list of fun games and activities for both adults and kids to join and play? Neongrand recommends some such as fun drinking games like glow in the dark ping pong, dark bowling, scavenger hunt or blacklight dodgeball. And you can create one by yourself.

ping pong neon party

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Step 5: Food and Beverages

Let's get started with some dishes and drinks suitable for a party! Have you ever tried cupcakes illuminated with buttercream frosting? Or something white looks good underneath the UV lights like yogurt, vanilla ice-cream, potato chips, cream pasta? That will not make you disappointed for sure. About beverages, just add some granulated sugar onto the top of the cup or make some cocktails that glow under black lights are also a good choice for your neon party.

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